Fish/Shellfish Performance Standards System

Application of biotechnology to aquatic organisms has been an area of dramatic technical advancement. Finfish and shellfish can be genetically modified through gene transfer, chromosome set manipulation, interspecific hybridization, and other methods. Development and use of genetically engineered aquatic organisms (aquatic GE organisms) pose both benefits and ecological risks. Science-based assessment and management of any such risk is needed for environmentally responsible use of aquatic GE organisms.

With input from a wide range of aquatics sciences professionals, a U.S. Department of Agriculture-sanctioned working group developed the Performance Standards for Safely Conducting Research with Genetically Modified Fish and Shellfish as a tool for risk assessment and risk management. The Performance Standards were approved in 1995 by the Agricultural Biotechnology Research Advisory Committee of the USDA. These standards have been distributed widely as a two booklet set and are expected to guide evaluations of the performance and environmental safety of aquatic GEs in the United States and abroad.

Download the book Performance Standards for Safely Conducting Research With Genetically Modified Fish and Shellfish in PDF format.
Performance Standards
Explanations of flowcharts, descriptions and results
Literature cited, participants, appendices, etc.
Flowcharts for decision-making and conclusions
For more information about the Standards, contact either:
Eric Hallerman, Ph.D.
540-231-3257; FAX: 540-231-7580
Anne Kapuscinski, Ph.D.
603-646-2668; FAX: 603-646-1682
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